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Far from handsome

So I don't play cute

Todd Tolensky
4 November
Homo superiority: sometimes it ain't so pretty.


Todd Tolensky is an American teenager, and member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants (who are not yet old enough to be evil, but are working on it, geez) in the X-Men: Evolution universe. His primary mutation is a super-human jumping ability, which has earned him the codename: The Toad. While he has the upper body strength of an average to below average man, he has the lower body strength of several strong men, and has an unbelievable vertical and horizontal leap. Other mutant abilities include: a super long green prehensile tongue, projectile secretion of a very sticky and disgusting mucus-like substance (although unlike movie/comic-verse Toad, it is neither paralyzing, nor hardening), and a hyper-flexible spine. Todd is able to crouch, bend, and move in ways that would be uncomfortable to impossible to a normal human. While he can walk and stand upright as well, he has the disaffected slouch of most boys of a certain age, and his knees never unbend completely. He's short (5'1) 5'5 and extremely thin (115 125 lbs). His legs look a little too long for his body; his feet and hands slightly too big. This is probably just puberty.

Lest you start to think this Toad made out pretty well in the X-factor lotto, his mutation has also given him a toad-like appearance. His skin tone is a strange and unattractive grey with just a hint of green. It puts people more in mind of jaundice (which Todd may have; also: scurvy) and a need to wash up than it does Shrek or The Hulk. He sometimes has dark circles under his eyes as though someone has punched him in the face. This is probably because someone has punched him in the face (Toad has that effect on people). The irises of his eyes are yellow; so are his teeth. His hair is dirty blond (emphasis on dirty). His fingers and toes are webbed up to the first joint. His skin, should you for some unfortunate reason find yourself in direct contact with it, is extremely smooth, and strangely dry. Although he is sometimes called "Slimy", this is more of a comment on his personality. Todd has no body hair, and a complicated thermophysiology which approaches poikilothermia. He does not understand it, or care however; he just knows he hates the cold.

Despite his genetic abnormalities, people un-used to dealing with mutants are more likely to register him as ugly, than some sort of freak (although those familiar with mutants will most likely know exactly what they're looking at). Todd himself has come to the conclusion that, unattractive as he is, there is no little to no point in keeping up with personal hygiene anymore than he deems necessary. No amount of brushing will make his teeth less yellow, so he doesn't brush them. Toothpaste costs money he doesn't have. He showers infrequently because his skin is conditioned to retain water, and reacts badly to soaps and other chemicals. This actually helps alleviate the smell.

Oh yes, that's right, he smells. Faintly, and it is something you get used to, but Todd has an unmistakably damp, swampy smell. It is similar to a wet pile of leaves, and is particularly disconcerting in that it is emphatically not a smell of sweat or other body odor. Todd smells like no human being should smell.

Todd's history is mostly a mystery*, but it can be theorized that it was similar to many young mutants: his family has gone the way of the dodo (although his mother was apparently around long enough to leave him some interesting words of advice ["If you can't be cool, be feared."]) and he was recruited by Magneto (and at one point, owed Magneto for something). He lived in the Bayville Boarding House, where he was technically under the legal guardian-ship of mother of the year: Mystique (in the guise of Principle Darkholme). His fellow housemates/teammates included Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver), Lance Alvers (Avalanche), Fred Dukes (The Blob), sometimes Tabitha Smith (Boom Boom), and later Wanda Maximoff (The Scarlet Witch). Like most Toads, Todd hearts Wanda. Like most Wandas, she does not reciprocate. Todd's crush doesn't quit, despite verbal and physical abuse. To Todd, any attention is good attention. He's more comfortable with negative attention anyway; it's all he's ever known. In battle he generally fights against (and just as often along side) Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler). Their acrobatic abilities makes them worthy adversaries as well as a formidable team. They also have more in common than either would probably like to admit. They are each the most visibly mutated of their respective teams. Unlike Kurt, Todd does not have the luxury of an image inducer, and appears to revel in his weirdness anyway. He eats bugs, and although this seems to be instinctual, he makes no attempt to hide this fact from anyone, often taking pleasure in their disgusted reactions. Although self deprecating to an unhealthy extent, the subject is generally not his physical appearance, and Todd is not shy. He is a coward. He's also small and easily squished. He tries to weasel out of physical confrontations with non-mutants; as a result he gets beat up a lot. Todd isn't (completely) stupid. He knows that if you get into a fight at school, you get detention, but if you kick the star quarterback's spleen out through his spine and he dies, you got to jail.

Todd talks like he's from the street. Possibly even "the skreet". This along with his skin tone makes his ethnicity hard to place. He puts on a huge and transparent front of tough, punk, thuggery, and is not above lying, cheating, or stealing (obviously). He also believes Magneto's pro-mutant, anti-human ideology, but has come to distrust and dislike the man himself as he has abandoned the Brotherhood as well as tried to kill them multiple times. He is particularly upset over Magneto's treatment of Wanda. Recently he and the rest of the Brotherhood teamed up with the X-Men to defeat Apocalypse.

Todd Tolensky is seventeen years old.

Todd has his own theme song, which can be heard here. He would like to point out that no other member of the Brotherhood has a theme song, and gleefully invites them to suck it, yo.

*For use by telepaths: some specific events you may encounter when reading Todd's mind can be found here.


((Disclaimer: Toad is owned by the WB/Marvel Comics. I have no connection with them, or the actor (Patrick Fugit) used in my icons. This is just for fun. I make no profit, nor intend no infringement of copyright. Beep the mun: here!. Todd is open for RP with anyone, anytime, from anywhere.))
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