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Far from handsome

So I don't play cute

5/18/08 06:40 pm


What. Le. Fuck?

5/18/08 06:29 pm

I dunno who wouldn't a heard by now, but yeah: the rumors is true.

I am takin' me some classes in X-Geek land.

You think I drank the Kool Aid, don'tcha? Well, I didn't. S'just somethin' that happened an' I'm goin' with it, 'cuz that'd be the story a my life an' it ain't played me too too wrong yet. With, y'know, some obs exceptions. That I don't really wanna go into.

I ain't livin' there or nothin'. I ain't roommate-guy.

An' it ain't, y'know, no different. I been in the place before, plenty. Broke in a buncha times, even with all they fancy security an' Wolverines, 'cuz that's how 1337 my skillz be.

But I ain't impressed or nothin'. This ain't my awe face. Nobody tried to kill me yet, or pound my face in, or flush my head down the toilet an' I'll give 'em they dues fo' that. Golf claps, or whatev. I still ain't about to let my guard down. I just also ain't about to be the one startin' somethin'. S'all on them.

They ain't callin' me toad. I figure it prolly takes time to come up with somethin' less obs but as effective.

5/14/08 11:54 pm - Uh...

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Pretty sure it ain't love.

5/13/08 05:01 pm

When stuff starts goin' too good, I start feelin weird. I dunno.

Like I'm waiting for some other shoe drop. Even tho I didn't see no first shoe droppin' or whatev. Shoe drops: what ever is all up with that? I dunno.

It's totes r-tarded, right? Like I said: I dunno. An' I don't really feel like thinkin' about it til I do.

5/7/08 10:23 pm - So Why Not A Meme

Screw that numerology noise. S'all wrong. Blah blah blah. My name means "fox". WHATEV.

1. What color does your hair look like when it's wet?

An' many moooooooar...Collapse )

5/5/08 02:32 pm - OOC:

OOC Heads Up.

5/5/08 02:28 pm - Or Whatev.

1. Ask me three questions you want to know the truth to.
2. I will pick two of them to answer
3. One I will tell the truth about
4. One I will lie about (the last you will have to try and answer for me)
5. Post this in your journal so others can ask you.

Like peeps be needin' a meme as a excuse to lie. Pfft. Bring it.

5/1/08 03:02 pm

I think, even tho I could totes be wrong, but I think peeps prolly be lookin' at me an' thinkin' I'm, like, shy. Or embarrassed. Like a my body. I ain't. I don't care who be seein' me however. It's all whatev. The only reason I didn't change fo' gym class in front a everybody's 'cuz I always skipped gym class. Gym class is the vacation land-o-the jocks.

But I got no prob takin' off my shirt in front a nobody, or wearin' a swimsuit. I ran around in spandex for years, yo. Even bein' naked really don't bother me, 'cuz it basically don't matter. ...Unless it's surprise, unexpected nudity, an' then it's, y'know, the surprise more an' anything, but yeah, you gonna get the "Eep, my boy-bits is on display", reaction. But other than that, it's like: yeah pretty much from lookin' at me in clothes, you can guess how I be lookin' without 'em, an' yeah, pretty much that's what I look like. So there's no point in makin' any kinda deal 'bout it. Bones an' thighs. That's it.

I don't like goin' to the doctor 'cuz they don't just look, they touch. An' by touchin', they decide stuff. So basically, what they be doing when they touch you is judgin' you. An' they do it by, when they touch you, talkin' in that fake-nice-sooth-y voice that adults try an' use to hypnotize you or distract you or whatev, but the whole time touchin' you up, an' that makes for a bad scene for me, aight?

Mind docs do exactly the same thing, 'cept with your head. They be wantin' you to tell all you stuff, but not 'cuz they care, but 'cuz they use the stuff you tell 'em to decide what up with you. Again, that's judgin' you. They want you just to out an' tell stuff too. They don't even ask stuff.

Not that that's outta the normal.

There's a lotta stuff I never tell nobody, 'cuz nobody never asks. Like they never ask why stuff is, they just figure it's "because", when that's almost never what it is. But why should I get up on a soap box (ew) an' scream all my why's out when peeps don't care enough to wonder 'bout 'em?

So I don't.

So that's that thing.

An' also now you all know what I look like naked an' HA.

5/1/08 02:25 am - NUTS.


...I'ma kick JP. In his nuts. In his nuts.


Geez. I ain't gonna for srs.

5/1/08 12:37 am

'Cuz I ain't done nobody else's, just so you know...

I'm going to describe myself in 6 words. Please respond to this message with your own 6 word description of me. Then post this in your own LJ and see if people can describe you in ONLY 6 words.

"I rot at six word stories."

Srsly, I ain't posted in that comm fo', like weeks.
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