Todd Tolensky (hopsnonstop) wrote,
Todd Tolensky

After careful consideration of the facts, your feelings, the evidence and the general societal norms that we live in, I’m afraid I will simply have to cordially invite you to go fuck yourself.


LOL, j/k all y'all. That's my prompt, or whatev. Obs, 'cuz I don't write like that. Not that I couldn't, yo. Do peeps think I can't?

Hello. My name is Todd. This is me, writing, with correctitude. I know there are sometimes g's on the end of words.

I can talk like that too if I rilly rilly want, but you gotta imagine it as kinda like when a stand-up comedian does a impression a how white peeps be talkin'. Which's not how my tongue talks nor my feet on no pen or keyboard neither.

Anyway. I didn't be feelin' my journal this last week. No. Not even meme's. Yea, no. I know. Blasphemy.

But it's been the kinda weather lates that be my kinda weather, which's in laymen terms known as "Swamp Ass". Like a hundred degrees an' muggy. Like the whole world's a big sauna. Like everybody an' they moms just got outta the shower an' left the door open. Wicked killer.

So I been all up in The Park (which in NYC you don't gotta say which one, like when you live just outside a NYC, an' you just say, 'I'm goin' inta The City'; everybody know whatchoo mean). 1.) I ain't the kinda douche who be bringin' no computer to the park, yo. 2.) MMM-mmm-MMM: bug central. 3.) I done also seen more kitty cats on leashes than I ever needed to in my life. It's sad yo. The itty bitty kitty committee belongs at home. For srs. 'Specially if it's small enough that I start thinkin' I could totes fit it in my mouth.

An' don't even try an 'aw sick' at me: you eaten Chinese food before, you done ate pussy. Aw yeah. I went there.

Oh, Suck. My paid account's almost up.
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